We partner with Slimming World to help Isle of Wight residents lose weight.

Discover friendship, trust and support in a Slimming World group.

What you get

Unbeatable group support

We know that changing habits takes support and encouragement and Slimming World groups give you this and more. Experience a supportive approach, sharing experiences, making plans and losing weight together. 

Free to join

Isle of Wight Council covers the cost of your place with Slimming World.

Spaces are limited so there are some rules around who can join us, based on criteria like where you live or work and your BMI. 

Sign up now to see if you’re eligible.

How it works

1. Sign up to Slimming World via gloji Isle of Wight.

2. Get a voucher code from gloji to access Slimming World for free.

3. Contact Slimming World to book your place.

4. Lose weight with Slimming World.

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