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David, 62, East Sussex

Weight loss programmes

We’ve teamed up with Isle of Wight Council to give you free access to today’s best weight loss plans.

You can pick from Slimming World or gloji. Each programme offers a holistic approach to weight loss, combining nutrition and physical activity with accountability and support. Learn to make healthy lifestyle changes you can keep up for good.

Join Slimming World groups for encouragement, commitment and accountability. With 163 locations across Hampshire, Slimming World is ideal if you’re looking for in-person support.

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Our 12 week digital programme gives you the power to lose weight at your fingertips. Use interactive videos, articles, recipes and support to reach your goals.

Our 12 week digital programme with additional exercise sessions. Get active while making new friends and boosting your health and fitness. 

Choose what’s right for you

We partner with Slimming World so you can live the life you want, eat the food you love and still lose weight!

Get free access to your local Slimming World group and their specialist Food Optimising plan when you sign up via gloji.

The power to lose weight from your phone.

More energy. Better sleep. Healthier mind. Learn how nutrition, movement, mind, alcohol and sleep all play a role in your weight loss journey. Lose weight through 12 weeks of interactive videos, articles, recipes and support.

Exercise Support

Sign up to our exercise programmes today. Meet new people and get fit and healthy together.


Build strength and endurance without stressing your body with this all-round workout. Groups for men and women.


Improve your agility and bone strength in a supportive team environment. Groups for women only.


Male only weight loss programme provided by our partners ManVFat. Increase stamina and boost your heart health kicking a ball about and having fun.

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